Extra Life 2013: Why Did We Agree To This?

The epic 25 hour stream is over but Extra Life is still taking donations through the end of the year!

Here is the schedule for the stream:

08:00A to 09:45A - Pokemon: Ash Gray
09:45A to 10:00A - Break
10:00A to 11:45A - Pokemon: Light Platinum
11:45A to 12:00P - Break
12:00P to 02:00P - Pokemon: Victory Fire (Nuzlocke Challenge)
02:00P to 03:00P - Intermission I
03:00P to 04:45P - Sonic and Knuckles 3
04:45P to 05:00P - Break
05:00P to 06:15P - Wild Card (Fighting Game - 10 Push ups or 5 Dollars)
06:15P to 06:30P - Break
06:30P to 12:30A - Dead Space 3 (CO-OP) 12:30A to 01:30A - Intermission II
01:30A to 02:45A - “Special Surprise” (Hint: it’s dark, and it will take your souls.)
02:45A to 03:00A - Break
03:00A to 03:45A - Madden 98 (Bengals vs. Steelers)
03:45A to 04:00A - Break
04:00A to 07:30A - Super Meat Boy (Finale - $1 for every 10 deaths!)
- The Binding of Isaac (Awesome Techno Overtime!)

Extra Life 2013: For the Kids


We are streaming for 24 hours this weekend because we both love kids and hate ourselves.

We go live Saturday at 8:00 am EST and will not stop until Sunday at 8:00 am

Joe will be playing and Peter will be commentating. A schedule and information about how to donate to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital are HERE.

Otherwise, we will be streaming on Twitch through Joe’s account (madmagyar92). We’ll embed the stream on the site or you can watch it on the twitch.tv.

Help us help the kids! Every dollar counts!